Sanjay Mahant


? Meticulous Dispatch Supervisor with a background monitoring daily on road performance and coordinating transportation activities. Detail-oriented performer with over 06 years of effectively solving issues and distributing driver assignments. Considered a team player with well-honed leadership and critical thinking skills. ? Responsive Dispatch Supervisor capable of managing various aspects within a fleet transportation environment. Bilingual professional able to determine workforce needs and the planning of workloads. Seeking a new position where a strong work ethic and great communication skills will be appreciated. ? Respected professional with the know-how to check and oversee schedules and keep tabs on man hours. Confident Dispatch Supervisor with meticulous record keeping and mentoring skills. ? Dependable Dispatch Supervisor versed in warehouse operations and logistics. Possessing exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail. Willing to go extra mile to meet tight deadlines and reach company goals. ? Dedicated to enhancing underwriting department operations with an analytical and disciplined approach. Able to work with minimal direction to solve problems, resolve conflicts and respond to customer inquiries.