Bryce Curran


Have been in the Surfing Industry the entirety of my professional life. Started with instructing surfing as a teenager, with several different companies that offered surf lessons. Moved into the retail field behind surfing where i have been since 2012. I started with Inlet Surf Shop, a failing surf shop that had very little clue about the industry, and struggled to break into the core surf community. Then,in 2014 i moved up the Totem poll to a slightly more established surf shop in Jersey Devil Surf, it gave me my first real taste of what the surf industry was and gave me a better understand how everything is run within the industry, Unfourtunately it also struggled to grab the attention of the culture of the area and numbers suffered to due to lack of local support. Taking another step forward, I took a job oppurtinty in joining Flying Point Surf Shop, Being an already a well established brand in New York, i thought the sky was the limit of where we could take the shop.