Josh Useldinger


Growing up in Santa Cruz, CA, my whole life was surrounded with the rich history and culture that is embedded into the surf and skate industry. With both my parents providing for our family through their art, I always had a heightened sense of aesthetic in whatever I was doing. The skate culture caught my eye from a young age with its diverse use of dress as a counter cultural statement, and from that point on I spent everyday at my local skate shop harassing the owner to let me work in the store. At just 13 I would spend hours a day at the shop going through look books and making buying pitches to the owner so that I could order the clothes and boards I thought would sell well. I worked there for the next 6 years and got delegated just about every position you could imagine within a retail store. This experience along with being a sponsored skateboarder gave me a very deep insight on the industry from a young age, and eventually inspired me to pursue a degree in the Fashion Merchandising and Design program at CSULB. With just a couple months until my graduation, I plan on using my extensive knowledge from this industry I love so much to help heighten my employer's effectiveness in reaching their target market and demographic.