Jeff Biestman


Hi! My name is Jeff Biestman, and I’m an extremely creative visual and graphic design professional with over 10 years of solid experience working in key positions for recognized software and gaming companies within the design industry. I have a talent for collaborating with creative teams and clients to capture artistic visions and translate these into meaningful designs. My dedication to innovating, inspiring, and transforming the design world has been consistently proven during my work history. I’ve repeatedly demonstrated my expertise as a leader throughout my career, but I’m always eager to learn more from other industry frontrunners and mentors.

Some highlights of my expertise include the following:

- Concept Art and Illustration
- Storyboarding and Preproduction
- Advertising and Marketing
- Character, Creature, and Animal Design
- Environment, Layout, and Prop Design
- Business Planning and Development
- Digital Illustrations and Promotions
- Cost Analyses
- Budget Management and Allocation
- Concept / UX Design
- Technology Applications
- Branding and Brand Development
- Training and Professional Development
- Presentation Delivery
- Project Management and Leadership