malcolm andrew


• A bright, well regarded, hands on,highly motivated Worldwide Lean/Manufacturing Professional with vast technical, knowledge transfer and fundamental training skill. • Responsible for Continuous Improvement Group: ECO- system, Lean/ C.I activities, Industrial Engineering, Modernization Centre (Factory of the future development area) and Lean Academy development. • Currently responsible for the development of 90 Lean, I.E. and Process Excellence team members, leaders and managers, through OJT and KATA coaching to build capability for the successful implementation of Nike Eco-System in 6 Factories in Vietnam, Indonesia, producing in excess of 2.3 Million pairs of sports shoes per week. • Over 25 years' experience in Lean Manufacturing for some of the most successful and biggest World class Manufacturers, focused on Kaizen utilising Lean Methodologies with PDCA thinking way. • Strong leadership skills, working closely to develop members at all levels of Lean experience. Maintaining motivation and closing skills gaps. • Vast knowledge and experience of Toyota Production System, and General Motors Global Manufacturing System, including developing and implementing training thorough Kaizen events. Constantly assessing Standardised work and processes are maintained through Genchi Genbutsu. (Go Look See and understand) • Successfully led Zero accident activity thorough effective use of KY/KYT (Risk assessment and risk assessment training) and daily Safety half hour walk around. • Experienced Shingo Assessor, providing feedback and recommendations for improvement. • Delivered high yield returns through Waste identification and improvement activities • Led a team to deliver Zero defect production (Toyota's First Casting Plant Worldwide) Utilising Riyhoken Joken and the perfect execution of Standardised work • Toyota Trained and accredited Fundamental Skill Trainer • Successfully implemented Lean in Unionised and Non Unionised environments, through education, knowledge transfer and exemplarily soft skills. • Experienced in external Consultancy, understanding the need to build rapport and buy in to influence immediate cultural change.