I am a technical chief consultant in Delcam and am in charge of technical support in Busan. For 15 years I have been managed and supported various industries. I always find and suggest best solution to customers.

In the past, Technical consulting was limited to technical part but at present, consulting is applied not only technical parts but also the whole work processes. To suggest the best way to customers, I always learn and find the new machining methods and technology.

Generally, product manufacturing company is organized shop floor and office. Most of data was made in office and moved to shop floor.
Manufacturing is related with shop floor. There are gaps between office and shop floor. Frankly speaking office data does not reflect filed engineers' experience. To reduce this defective gap, it is necessary shop floor machining and product data management.

Almost companies want to make standard manufacturing process. Anybody can generate qualified manufacturing data. As a result, product quality will be upward leveling. This is the reason why technical engineering is necessary in manufacturing field.