Caroline Morgan


Increases Engagement & Sales:
— Revved up revenue: Rocketed Mint Mobile renewals to 78%, and pushed sales for other employers by up to 300%. Also scaled a referral program to 15% of sales, added top retailers, and boosted site conversions.
— Beefed up brand recognition & trust: Led Mint Mobile’s wildly successful 2017 rebranding from Mint SIM; and led a bedding retailer and travel company to each become the biggest in the country.
— Amped up publicity: Boosted coverage by up to 30%, and won CEO interviews with Top Tier media.
— Boosted loyalty & burned churn: Leveraged customer data, targeted promos and interactive social content.
Innovates Customer-Centric Services:
— Created over 200 exciting campaigns: Launched customer lifecycle email campaigns, easy self-renewal, refer-a-friend incentives, online communities, partner cross-promotions, and mobile apps.
— Improved service & saved $$ in customer care: Achieved faster FAQ information and help response with new self-care dashboards and user forums. This helped raise Trustpilot & Facebook ratings from 3.3 to 4.8.