Lloyd McFarlin


I have been a software engineer since 2000 and I've worked in a wide variety of roles including database administrator, architect, web developer, middle-tier infrastructure developer and mobile developer. I've also worked in both very large (Fortune 500) and very small companies along with several in between. I understand the patterns and practices that differ between these sorts of companies along with their similar needs. I maintain a very high level of standard where my own work is concerned and I'm proud to say that I have been complimented, and sometimes awarded, for my work ethics by all of my past employers. I feel that I have a very strong passion for software craftsmanship and patterns and I enjoy engaging with others who have similar passion. At present, I am a Lead Mobile Developer at Kaiser Permanente and I've been part of some cutting-edge work in the health care field. I'm an avid mountain-biker, camper and general outdoorsman and I enjoy sharing these activities with my friends and family. Please note that I am not involved with hiring, contracting of personnel or procuring of services for Kaiser Permanente and will not respond to such solicitations.