Vipula Weliwita


A position as Senior Executive in manufacturing. Field of experience and other qualifications ? Overseen full manufacturing operation from the style receive to Shipment (ex-country) ? Close monitoring day to day activities with ERP (or system in the company) take decisions ? Work closely with Sample room, R&D for make production feasible to meet company goals. ? Apply my past experiences to reduce SAM from cutting to packing. (Work closely with IE team for any special machines, folders, profiles or methods can improve productivity and quality) ? Implement, close monitoring all SOP in the factory with relevant departments. ? Collecting DATA for each and individual personal performance for management review; increments, performance motivations & self-evaluation purpose. ? Strictly follow transparent DATA tracking, hourly for trouble shooting and improve timely ? Keen to add innovations and Digitize where is benefitted. ? Strong managerial, Problem solving skill. On Going Projects: - ? Digitized Quality Management System. Under developing; Jan 2020 to Present > Cloud base real time accurate tracking system for all type of defects vs operator (worker) > From Sewing to Finishing multiple inspection points (in line, end line ..etc.) > Capable to track type of defect, per operator, per line, style wise, etc.. (as per request) > Auto generated reports for management analyze and actions to take. > Reduce and maintain actual DHU ? Digitized Machine Maintain System. Under implementing; Nov 2019 to Present. > Cloud base software to track real time machine movement across different location. > Capability to track machines @ country / Factory / Line. etc.;.. > Tracking can be extended as per requirement. > One touch dashboard to understand the machine maintenance, Cost etc.;.. > Breakdown analysis of machine maintains. ? Working for Implementing Seam Seal & Bonding for all fabrics. Under developing; Nov 2019 to Present. > Reduce No Of sewing operations & Cost etc.;..