Randy Stolinas


I have been a screenprint graphic designer for more than 25 years. For most of that time, I've been designing and illustrating graphics for sports licensing. I got my introduction to sports licensing at my first job, Signal Artwear / Riddell Athletic. While there, I designed graphics for the NFL and minor league baseball. My next job was for the contract screenprinter, Coming Attractions. I was a graphic designer with the in-house design department. I created graphics for private labels, sports companies, and outdoor companies. I later had an opportunity to return to sports licensing by working for Pro Player (originally, Salem Sportswear), which was owned by Fruit of the Loom. I worked mainly in the hot market department, developing graphics and assortments for the MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL. In 2000, I went to work for Majestic Athletic, where I designed graphics for all facets of the company, including in-line, hot market, and SMUs for all leagues (MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, and minor league baseball). After Majestic was purchased by VF Imagewear, I worked exclusively with the MLB, designing graphics for hot market, Authentic Collection, concessionaire, and SMUs. From 2017 until the beginning of 2020, I worked for Fanatics Inc. I was the Graphic Design Manager for Special Events for Nike product. I coordinated and designed graphic assortments for Nike through Fanatics Inc. for both the MLB and NFL. I'm currently looking for new employment in a fast-paced, challenging, creative environment.