Steve Saphos


Hi, I'm Steve

I am an illustrator and designer from Southern California and am finishing up my college education in Kent, OH. I am inspired by music, nature, and street culture and growing up in Los Angeles has exposed me to a wide array of unique experiences that have cultivated my creative perspective. With my dynamic and distinctive skill set I am capable of effectively communicating visual messages across multiple mediums.

Surrounded by the culture of Southern California, I have developed a particular fascination for art related to the surf/skate industry, outdoor lifestyle brands, and the music and entertainment industry. My hobbies include exploring, enjoying, and creating and I am passionate about experiencing life in as interesting and exciting a fashion as possible.

I have studied art and design for upwards of five years via multiple institutions including California College of the Arts in Oakland, CA and the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, CA. I am currently completing my BFA in Visual Communication Design at Kent State University and am set to graduate in May of 2020. I am eager to begin my journey  in the professional creative world as a passionate and enthusiastic designer and illustrator.