Rose Ross


All together I have worked in design, animation, sales, marketing, customer service, and more. After many college side jobs, freelancing in graphic & web design, and being a graphic designer for different businesses I’ve learned how to convey messages through numerous industries: public relations, higher education, engineering, nutrition, food, retail, etc. My passion is to use design to provide support to local businesses and continue to do humanitarian-based projects.

I’ve worked with non-profits such as Singing Hands Co., which involved helping a dying culture thrive in their own community while promoting and selling their handmade goods to a fair trade audience. I have also worked with the non-profit Christian Alliance for Orphans- which focused on connecting churches and orphanages internationally, promoting Orphan Sunday, and encouraging people to help their local foster care systems and orphanages. Both of these opportunities have allowed me to understand realize my enthusiasm for humanitarian work and to help businesses that have ethical/sustainable approaches. Recently I worked full time as Associate Brand Manager for ClearFast where I oversaw our Brand/Marketing Team while creating all graphic design, web design, and marketing/sales collateral.

Currently, I've decided to hone in on the skills I currently have to pursue design paths related to branding whether it be helping businesses discover their brand and identity or branding events through brand strategy, graphic and web design.