Alexandra Capello


* Collaborative in team environments, with deep experience working on projects with many stakeholders involved * Strong reputation in building and maintaining relationships from all previous employment opportunities * Confident in the planning, organization, and executing of events through experience working for an International Ski School and Guiding Company * Exceptional interpersonal and professional communication skills, developed from over nine years of experience in work and volunteer roles providing service to customers/clients * Proven experience in Marketing Automation and Marketing Operations (Marketo Certified Expert) * Excellent written communication skills, developed through creating marketing and strategy content, including: blog posts, presentations, proposals, and social media posts * Highly organized and adept in managing multiple priorities within strict deadlines, from working in an agency environment with many clients * Demonstrated initiative and flexibility, while working in environments where roles were continuously changing, and learnt to prioritize a variety of on-going projects and tasks * Skilled in implementing social media strategies, and managing all platforms through Hootsuite, and monitoring campaign analytics through various platforms * Experienced in managing budgets and financial administration while working for a Ski School * Analytical and methodical in detail-oriented tasks, from experience working with the Marketo, Salesforce, and other MarTech platforms * Creative in problem solving, which has been strengthened while working for an agency and overcoming daily roadblocks/challenges * Demonstrated strong self-motivation and ability to work independently, while working for a remote company, and meeting all deadlines and responsibilities * Knowledgeable on various research techniques, demonstrated through the creation and growth of a social media platform for Influencer Marketing campaigns * Developed basic HTML skills from email and landing page building in Marketo * Experienced in building and managing surveys via Survey Monkey * Extensive experience managing and building pages on WordPress * Built and managed LinkedIn InMail campaigns for clients * Collaborated in creative marketing projects (videos and photos) while working for an International Ski School