Scott Reese


Expert marketing executive and inventor of the revolutionary blurbIQ Interactive Media Advertising Platform responsible for increasing brand awareness, brand recall, and brand messaging as well as key performance indicators cross platform for CPG, retail, banking, insurance, entertainment, automotive, hospitality, travel, and Fortune 100 companies. Exceptional leader with a 19 year proven track record of consistently innovating across multiple verticals, building exceptional creative, development, and media teams, and driving significant ROI. Typical results include 84% lift in purchase intent, a 95% brand recall, and a 95% brand messaging retention.
Managed teams of over 12 and executed multi million dollar marketing campaigns.
Areas of expertise include:
• Go-To- Market Strategy • Social Media Campaigns • Campaign Analytics
• Campaign Optimization • Video Production • Market Research
• Preroll and Display Advertising • Mobile Campaigns • Brand Messaging
• Project Management Methodology • E-Mail Marketing • Team Building/Training