Lev Yakov Kirshner


Venerable team builder and cross functional manager with over 25 years leadership experience in high-profile, nationally recognized soccer programs. A coach, leader, and business manager who thrives in a fast paced, dynamic office settings encompassing marketing, branding, public relations, strategic planning, and business development areas. Proven track record of building, developing, and managing accomplished teams that compete in high pressure environments.

Extensive, successful knowledge with leading high performing people across many sectors of business delivering balanced budgets, effective strategic planning in marketing, branding, development, entrepreneurialship, as well as stakeholder stewardship and engagement.

Collaborative, approachable manager who builds formidable teams by utilizing tactical responsibility and accountability. Problem solving, critical thinking mentorship creates adaptable, reliable constituents. Constructively use managerial experience to instill company values, culture, and vision while optimizing employee production and happiness.

My broad base business acumen and wealth of leadership experience equipped a successful, cross functional manager who is an active listener, has excellent interpersonal skills, and strong command of written and verbal language.