Hey all! My name is Gigi and I live in the sunny and snowy Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

I’m currently studying to obtain my AAS in Ski & Snowboard Business and move that into a BAS of Leadership & Management (and keeping my eye on the prize of getting my MBA in marketing management - but baby steps).

I’m actually a licensed cosmetologist by trade, but after at stint at Vail Resorts & K2 Sports Global HQ, respectively, I knew I wanted a career within the snow sport/action sport industry as it was something I felt a very immediate and strong passion for.

I’m also currently working on obtaining my SIA certification and Leave No Trace certification.

I’ve joined Malakye in hopes of making new connections in the snow sport & action sport industries and aspire to start my career in either industry upon graduation.

My hopes for both the snow sport & action sport industries is to see more diversity & inclusion - whether that be among athletes or on the business side of things. I also hope to see more ethical, environmentally friendly, and climate conscious changes made. I hope to help contribute to these things.

Thanks for checking out my profile!