Jem Fleury


The future of the industry is marrying fashion, function and social responsibility – consumers are demanding more from brands and looking to connect on a deeper level – something I want to be on the forefront of moving forward. This is possible by using the most current sustainable technologies in combination with the best design and construction so the customer will see value in not just the sustainability part of the garment but the whole package, I believe many brands are failing at this by stripping down sustainable products to make them as cheap as possible only to loose the original spark of excitement about a new product. We can increase the market share for sustainability with better design not just lower prices.

I am capable of quickly and accurately moving my projects from concept to execution, all the while multi-tasking through fittings, market and trend research and competitive analysis. I feel confident working through any challenge presented to me and I work hard to ensure the menswear department shines at every possible opportunity. I am committed to being an industry expert in my categories, taking the time to analyze the market, understand the competitive landscape, forecast trends and constantly stay relevant on manufacturing techniques. And I also act as a resource for other team members, always sharing my industry knowledge and research as well as making myself available and approachable as a sounding board for advice. I have a passion for high quality design and feel confident in my decision making ability regarding design, fit, color and trend.