Drew Runberg


I am an Apparel Designer with a diverse background. I have 7+ years of Apparel Design experience in the Outdoor Industry with Sherpa Adventure Gear. I have also held Product Development positions at Columbia Sportswear and Black Diamond Equipment. Though I am a Designer in my heart, this PDEV experience has given me insights that help me work well with cross-functional team members to reduce PDEV burden, expedite the proto process, and reduce waste in both material, time, and overall costs.

To go along with my Bachelors degree in Apparel Design and Merchandising Management, I also recently earned my MBA and was named the 2019 Graduate of the Year in my program. This have given me a business acumen that helps drive brand initiatives and understand the higher-level perspectives of brands. It has also allowed my to appreciate pre-design research in my design process. I know have the abilities to properly segment a market, conduct consumer focus groups and gain key market insights. Not only does this make me stronger as a Designer, but as a Product Manager as well.

My design work focuses on mixing technical requirements (features and materials) with a fashion/lifestyle appeal. I also emphasis dimensionality and providing the consumer with a "purpose for their purchase."

See my work at drewrunberg.com