Heather Supinie


What do a social media coordinator and a climber have in common? They must pay attention to the details in front of them, or they fail. My name is Heather Supinie, and I am the social media and events coordinator for Summit Climbing, Fitness, and Yoga Norman and Oklahoma City, OK. Creating online content allows me to connect with members and draw visitors to Summit’s social media pages. Plus, it's exciting when I see high "views" numbers from the Facebook Insights page.

Bonding with members at monthly gym events I run is fantastic, too, because it shows me how our community is growing and solidifying. Climbing is a communal sport, and it’s more fun when there are people around. When I see people attend and enjoy the gatherings I planned and executed, it shows me I’ve done a great job.

I'm an assistant manager and climbing instructor at Summit as well. I teach people the sport of climbing and welcome them into the climbing community. My job is a unique mixture of customer service skills from my previous retail background with something I love.

Speaking about building an online presence, I'm also the creator of the climbing blog "Bouldering Problems." Bouldering is my passion, and I use my blog to record my climbing journey. I built the website in 2016 and launched it in 2017. I manage social media accounts as well for the blog.

Lately, I've become more involved in the outdoors and the problems Nature is facing. Currently, I'm a member of the local Sierra Club chapter, The Access Fund, and Women Who Hike Oklahoma chapter. Working in the outdoor industry is my goal, whether it's producing social media content (I tweet for the Oklahoma Sierra Club chapter), getting involved in advocacy, writing, or photography. I believe we have one planet Earth, and we need to take care of it because there’s no plan B for us.