Andrew Oye


I seek venues to utilize my wide-ranging creative direction, extensive writing experience, and versatile communications skills.

Currently, I am an independent consultant available for creative opportunities in the following industries: media, entertainment, sports, fitness, fashion, gaming, digital, tech, lifestyle, food/beverage, education, publishing, branding, advertising, marketing, public relations, promotions or consumer products. I enjoy finding interesting ways to promote ideas, people, products and services.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Human and Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University, where my studies encompassed organizational training and development, social policy, talent management, group dynamics, and learning-system design. I earned a Master’s degree in Communications-Journalism from Stanford University, where I honed my ability to communicate various messages to diverse and/or distinct audiences.

I have experience researching, reporting, conceptualizing, producing, directing, designing graphics, managing projects/teams, recruiting talent, negotiating sponsorships, planning/executing events, handling public relations, proofreading and writing/editing (journalistic articles, corporate identity collateral, press/promotional pieces, advertising copy, digital content, proposals, and other marketing materials).

As a creative associate, I can offer a keen sense of cross-media branding, progressive vision and strong concept-packaging skills. As a writer/editor, I can create effective content for internal communications or for print and broadcast media. I also have experience with Photoshop and PowerPoint, which I have utilized for strategic marketing plans and advertising/promotions design.

A digital portfolio of work samples can be viewed at Let's discuss how my experience suits your currently available or pending opportunities.