James Ward


Obtain position as tester, coder, and implementer of software or web apps, designed to client specifications in both HTML and .NET, using Node or Java/Python, and any IDE, while scripting with Angular or JavaScript, collaborating with the Agile or Scrum stakeholders to produce a productive user interface with HTML or Android. Completed web site with .NET .aspx that allows building supervisors to store environmental and engineering compliance surveys on a private data base that only they can access. In turn they may request a consultation or use it for their own reference.
White Hat with background in administration, computer builds and servicing, network and security. Spending time in the military completing administrative tasks, enabled me to achieve Networking knowledge, and to design data base like structures with Excel and Access; Linux was also incorporated into tasks. Compliance and documentation with Commanders Policies was the continuum. Personal dedicated IDE's include Spyder/Anaconda for Python, Atom, Angular, Android Studio, and web-pack. Use of outdoor repeaters, antennas, and a Virtual 3D computer I refer to as the Black Pearl.