Senior Executive with professional career developed at Oil&Gas market and solid commercial experience, focus on B2B market, financial and logistics. 22 years as management positions and at last 11 years as Head of Chemical, Aviation e Costumers business at Petrobras Distribuidora, the biggest Fuel Distributor in Brazil, reporting straight to the board.
Large experience in retail dynamics, services and consumptions products and management, structuring, multifunctions teams assembly and development and commercials KPI monitoring.
Strong leadership profile, motivates teams with dynamism, delegation and excellent interpersonal communication. Leader of teams over 1.000 direct and indirect employees and structure around 30 managements.
Experience in procurement, financial transactions, operation and logistics structure management. Focus on results and process efficiency.
Strategic and Business Corporation Planning formulation, as well as Marketing Strategy to the segments. Capacity to set up goals, targets and interpersonal relationship skills.
Recognized ability to Interact with stakeholders, clients, suppliers, resellers, stockholders and regulatory agencies.