Walter Fazzio


• Professional experience of 25 years in Multinational companies such as Renner DuPont, BASF, DuPont ,Saint-Gobain, Castrol and national companies such as Mcassab, Verquimica , Residrox and Steinfer, in the Sales, Marketing, Technical Assistance and Training areas;
• Responsible for developing business plan in partnership with the raw material manufacturer, to understand the best distribution strategy in the national market;
• Experience in strategic planning of a Business Unit, focusing on the definition of goals and challenges related to the generation of contribution margin: scale gain and market repositioning;
• Experience selling raw materials for the Polyurethane market and formulated for the Flexible, System and CASE segments, as well as System House Management, Development Laboratory and Polyurethane Factory;
• Responsible for developing the raw materials distribution market for the Paints, Resins, Adhesives, Plastics and Rubber & Diversified Chemistry business units, repositioning Business among the 03 largest in the Distribution Market;
• Responsible for the restructuring of the Auto Metal Parts Business Unit, making it Latin America and Transforming Brazil's Benchmark unit for the segment.
• Experience in international negotiations and market / product development;
• Experience in the search of technology and products in the United States, Europe and Latin America, as well as adapting to the needs of the domestic market;
• Experience in Deployment of Distribution Network throughout Brazil, and Latin America;
• Implementation of 15 branches (mini factories) for the distribution network (B2B market) in Brazil and Latin America;
• Extensive experience in segments with Automotive Refinishing, General Industry (Bus, Agricultural Machinery, Protection / Maintenance and General Industrial), Powder Coating and OEM (Auto Metal Parts, e-coat). Application and suitability of products on Customer's production lines.