Favius Dias


? Experience in more than 12 years in Israeli Consulting and multinational (Nestlé).
? Acting in planning, mapping of processes, costs, projects of reduction of costs, survey of the Budget of
the area.
? Measurement of results using metrics (KPI). Strong knowledge of administrative tools and
methodologies: GSTD, DMAIC Projects, Lean, Six Sigma, Pareto. Experience in RFP (BID), SLAS and
critical analysis of contracts. Familiarity with calculation of banking operations, mutual, working capital,
external transfer operations and credit operations.
? Course in financial mathematics and negotiation. Daily contacts with suppliers and internal
collaborators. Performance in policy review and Compliance verification in operations and issues
? Expertise in indicators and corrective actions. Budget under my responsibility R$ 35 mi/year. My
profile: hands on, persuasive, Ability to negotiate and achieve goals.
? Strong inclination for training and continuous improvement in operations as well as experience in
management of direct and indirect employees. Update of Drivers related to the management of Six
Sigma projects and Implementation of the Structure of Specific Improvement in the unit.