Thomas Lee


§ IT Leader with over ten years of technical industry experience and skills. § Experience as an IT Manager of a company with 600+ employees. § Manage an annual IT budget of up to $1.2 million for hardware and software procurement, infrastructure expansion, scaling, staffing, and special projects. § Implementation of company-wide IT infrastructure services such as MDM, SSO, and helpdesk ticketing system. § Growth mindset mentoring with team members, best practices, and providing career growth/professional development counsel and opportunities. § Create, maintain, and implement IT policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). § Impeccable negotiation skills, which save six figures annually in vendor costs. § Personable team-player with a great positive attitude, including in extremely stressful situations. § Excellent communication, presentation, and documentation skills. § Supervise IT, operational support teams, including daily activities, job effectiveness, performance reviews, coaching and mentoring. § IT Security (physical security, information security, and cybersecurity)