Yolani Steenekamp


I am a creative and experienced individual with demonstrated leadership skills and 16 years' work experience in the automotive industry. I am currently appointed as the Marketing Communications Manager at Ecsponent Financial Services. My previous roles included Operational Marketing Manager at Michelin Tyre Company and Marketing & Sales Manager at Ford Credit. My management skills have been developed and strengthened during my career by the employment opportunities offered by my career mentors. I have managed both local and international media launches Core Personal Values and events from planning and inception, to budgeting, execution and Accountability reconciliation post-event. I have a proven track record in social media, Confidence communication and digital marketing formulation, planning and Diversity execution as well as crisis communications. Professionalism Core Business Skills I have notable analytical and research skills, with an instinctive ability to make incisive, informed decisions. I am a meticulous person by nature, Communication and always apply comprehensive attention to detail in my work. Creativity and imagination Drive and ambition I thrive in challenging and pressurised environments. I can adapt easily Financial management where the situation requires it, always ready to provide support and Leadership and oversight cooperation to my team. I have a creative disposition and apply holistic People management viewpoints and conceptualisation methodologies to all projects from start Planning to finish. Problem Solving Teamwork I have solid experience in writing, editing and proofreading of press Language releases for print and adapting these for social media. I have a passion English (Fluent) for writing, especially for social media, which is evident in my scope of Afrikaans (Fluent) work. Creativity in the form of photography is a skill that I have acquired Drivers Licence Code during my travels, for both work and leisure. B Health Status My social professionalism is supported by a list of press and social media Excellent, non-smoking personalities, which shines through in their appraisal letters post-launch. Marital Status Married (3 dependents) ID 830818 0024 084 Age 36 083 338 0190 Mrs. YM Steenekamp