Cameron Gordon


In the past 4 years, I have dedicated my free time, aside from finishing my degrees, to cultivating my own brand: CEG Creative. Through self-teaching myself programs such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Procreate, I advanced my digital artistic abilities to reach greater heights than I intended. I oversee every aspect of art print sales independently: from creation, printing, shipping, and marketing, ensuring the quality of my products starts at ground level. What was once a passionate hobby for creating has now become a drive to share my art on a professional level—and I believe the brand I’ve brought to life has potential to become something greater.

Aside from this project, I have an assortment of other previous graphic designing experiences from University classes, independent brands, and content-creating focused internships. I am a steadfast, dedicated worker who doesn’t strive for perfection—my goal is to be authentic, inspiring, and innovative. I’m impeccably organized, friendly, and unquestionably reliable. I would describe myself to be a perceptive learner who thrives in energetic, fast-paced environments. More importantly, however, I have full faith in my capabilities to pioneer into uncharted territory and produce quality designs that accentuate any brand's specific image.

Through my experience at UCSB working towards both an English and Spanish degree, I have cultivated exceptional critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, along with an incredibly strong work-ethic. I enjoy collaborating with like-minded creative individuals and see clear communication as imperative to success.

During quarantine, I have dedicated my newfound free time to learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding to enhance my web editing skills. I’m ready to put my creative skills to the test, learn new skills, and produce something with purpose: designs that connect with people.