Bernie Brozek


Bernard Brozek has a keen knowledge of different industry fields and is a business executive. He served for Pizza Hut, Laundromax, Pizza Hut, and Express Pizza Hut. The vision and vision of Bernie Brozek have helped him to improve cash flow by restructuring activities. In the corporate world, his expertise in recruitment, advertisement, and public relations make him extremely marketable. Bernie was appointed Laundramax's Chief Executive Officer in 1999 and led the company to a 30 percent rise in profitability.
Bernard Brozek is one of the top franchising companies in the corporate world. The experience of Brozek in creating fresh opportunities serves as a powerful force for any company. He is known for his management of enterprises as they grow from local, to regional and national events. In several instances, his imaginative market consulting strategies have helped corporations achieve franchise growth in excess of 300 percent. With his leadership, these corporations currently account for annual revenue of over $500 million.