Devin R. Larsen


As a writer, I am committed to delivering the kind of content that engages audiences, encourages thought, and promotes action. Through my work experience, I have garnered an invaluable set of skills that allow me to quickly acclimate to new scenarios while ensuring that projects move swiftly from conception to execution. I have created content for organizations and publications such as Craft Sportswear, Nathan Sports, McDavid, Trail Runner, Outside and other non-outdoor companies—TRC, Firefly Health, EPIC-N, Refersion.

I am currently seeking work opportunities as a copywriter, content writer, or editor within the outdoor industry. I have great experience with the running industry, from speaking about the finer details of training to closely inspecting and speaking about running-related gear—shoes, shorts, tops, headwear, illumination gear, nutrition, recovery devices. I also have notable experience with the cycling industry and outdoor clothing/gear.