Karl Rapp


I'm a dynamic and experienced managerial professional and specialist within the creative, marketing and advertising industry; covering over eighteen (18) years of professional experience, in a career of constant growth.

I am described by my clients as a talented creative director with a flair for innovative creative ideas and campaign creation. With my earlier profession rooted in architecture and town planning, I have worked in every creative field gaining experience in multiple disciplines. Throughout that journey I have acquired thorough knowledge of all aspects of the creative life cycle from creating the idea, formulating the execution to measuring the results.

I often find myself as a strategic part of client teams as well as the professional marketing teams I work with to create impactful campaigns that deliver a unique brand proposition with targeted results. I am an asset to businesses and organisations that I work with, with the capacity to drive business objectives and a high creative standard.

I am a skilled and qualified multimedia specialist with concrete industry experience in creative direction, digital marketing, multimedia, brand development and management, art direction, 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, video editing and innovative design - making for a versatile and a valuable team member in projects.

I have over my professional career displayed advanced business and technical acumen ensuring a firm understanding of effective processes and systems including resolving issues and implementing appropriate improvements, while enhancing liaison and negotiation skills, permitting myself to collaborate successfully with stakeholders from many professional, technical and cultural backgrounds. I am a professional who possesses highly developed analytical expertise and problem solving, time-management and organisational skills with an exceptional attention to detail, differentiating myself as an exemplary leader that is capable of performing under pressure and the ability to achieve tight deadlines in fast-paced environments.

Currently Managing Director at Media Evolution, responsible for key accounts such as channel marketing programmes for HP, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, Huawei, Intel, Microsoft as well as Telkom Business Connexion across South Africa, and the African region. As a pro-active and driven leader, I am capable to adapt to a variety of responsibilities and workplace environments; with a proven track record for supporting key account campaigns and growth of the key client base, as well as overseeing the successful implementation of sales and marketing campaigns across the board.

My leadership methodology is oriented around motivation and development, a creative professional with expertise in all aspects of successful marketing, advertising, public relations, event planning, and management. I excel in managing multiple projects concurrently with strong detail, problem solving, and follow-through capabilities.

I demonstrate the ability to manage and motivate cohesive teams that achieve results. I can source vendors, negotiate contracts, and manage budgets with superb written communications, interpersonal and organisational skills.

- HP (Hewlett Packard): I am a qualified HP Brand strategist attending training in Dubai, managing the HP South Africa advertising account for 5 years. Successfully implemented sales and marketing programmes across 56 HP Partners across the African Continent. Implementing and maintaining internal and external sales incentive programmes across the HP reseller channel base. With a strong focus on ROI with sales reporting and analytics.

- Telkom Business Connexion: Successful implementation of the Cisco Channel Partner Marketing Programme. Increased sales to R100 million on year's sales. Implemented the internal and external marketing programmes for Business Connexion Partners namely Cisco, Microsoft and Oracle.

- Huawei: Won the Huawei digital marketing account. Running channel partner programmes as well as digital marketing programmes and events.

- Sales & Marketing / Advertising: Channel Partner Programmes, Sales Incentives, Brand Ambassador Training, In-depth knowledge of Product Branding, Promotional Conceptualization; Direct Mail; Retail Marketing; Direct Response (DR) Campaigns; Point-Of-Purchase (POP) Displays
- Interactive Campaigns Artistic Leadership: Graphic Design; Conceptual Direction; Photography Art Direction; Typography; Layouts & Compositions; Font & Colour Management; Photo Shoot Oversight; Multimedia Development, Social Media.
- Business Development: Identity Development; Logo Design; User Design Experience (UXD); Customer Service; Company Branding; Client Interviews; Corporate Communications; Digital Client Relationship Management (CRM)
- Print Materials: Reports; Brochures; Newsletters; Posters & Signs; Collateral Materials; Digital File Management.
- Team Management: Staff Inspiration & Training; Hiring & Recruiting; Project Management; Production Oversight; Cross-Functional Communications; Budget Management; Presentations.
- Digital and Social Media Marketing: Adwords, Search Optimization, Lead Tracking, Paid Social, Google Analytics, Fulfilment and Operations, Consumer Engagement, Multiple data and analytics reporting.
- Animation / Video / Virtual Reality: 2D animation, 3D Animation, Infographics, 360 VR, Google Headset, Video Editing, Special Effects, Filming and Production, Text Animation.


Karl is driven to complete what he starts and likes his workflow to be structured with to-do lists and calendars.
People can rely on him because he is efficient and cares about details.
Succeeds through: - setting himself high standards
- planning ahead,
- providing consistency

Karl is motivated and ambitious, so he works hard to make a real difference. He expects a lot from himself
Succeeds through: - his natural ambition
- his determination
- having clear goals

Karl has a strong belief in his own abilities. Only in the most challenging situations can he appear less than confident.
Succeeds through: - taking the lead
- taking on tough situations
- presenting himself as very capable

Karl stands out for his original thinking. He enjoys finding new angles and ideas that no one's tried before.
Succeeds through: - his ability to innovate
- his lateral thinking
- his love of new ideas

These strengths are part of what DRIVES Karl
He is confident and determined to produce work that is consistently excellent.

A strong sense of competition motivates him, too. He values the respect of his superiors and enjoys being able to prove himself.
This strength is part of Karl's CREATIVITY

He is openminded, enjoys novelty and change, and is often coming up with new and interesting ideas.