Kelly R.



Not one toot my own horn, I prefer to toot the horn of a fabulous product or brand - But, because this is a resume of sorts, below is a quick insight into some of my career achievements. But most importantly, you must first know that I am somewhat if not a lot, design-obsessed and a master of iterations. From typography to color theory and A/B testing and beyond, I find that I interweave this design proclivity into all that I do in some form or another.

Please note: During the last few months of 2020, after losing my job to Covid-19, I spent much of my time learning and advancing my knowledge in digital marketing, Google Analytics, and creative strategy in order to keep up with the cadence of the ever-evolving marketing communications enviroment.

My diverse career in business operations and marketing reflects a passion for creativity and leadership, with consistent achievements in developing and implementing marketing strategy, branding initiatives, customer experience, and communications within the e-commerce and retail space. Early on, my inbound and outbound sales experience developed into a powerful relationship-driven mindset and proven skills which repeatedly contribute to successful sales enablement projects and increase revenue. And it's a passion for customer connections and brand messaging that led to a career shift into a brand identity and marketing communications. And since I've enjoyed working in diverse industries, including fine art, consumer electronics, Medtech, and apparel. From leading the design development of a $60M/year sales-driven e-commerce site to planning and managing the installation of a global oil and gas company's art installation, my career is enveloped in the design of things and experiences. While each industry is very different in its demands and works culture, I further advanced my ability to pivot goals quickly, adapt and learn new methodologies, and work with individuals representing all organizational levels.

In 2015, I took my creativity, love of developing customer connections, and business acumen to the next level and started an apparel brand called Run Before The Sun. From the ground up, we created a brand that authentically connected with the running community and built a unique identity that drove sales across our e-commerce site and social media channels. Using a combination of identity communications strategies and partnerships with national organizations, Run Before The Sun was embraced and worn by runners across the U.S. We formed virtual running teams, raised money for charity, and spoke to Congress, representing the Melanoma Research Foundation, about the importance of skin health and melanoma research. The venture ended in 2019, but the Instagram profile is still live and can be viewed here:

Certified Creative Strategist, Facebook Blueprint
CDMP/PDM - Global Digital Marketing Expert

Project Management, Content Creation & Storytelling, Adobe Photoshop, Account Management, Graphic Design, Logo Creation, Global Marketing Communications, Multi-Channel Automation, Microsoft Office,
Microsoft Sharepoint, Data Analysis, Market Research, Creative Direction, Agile PM, Highspot, Trello, Slack, Facebook & Google Analytics, WordPress Website Design, Negotiations, Team Management, Global
Communications, Strategy, Budgeting, Advertising Planning & Ad Buying, Marketing Strategy, UX/UI (non-script), Vendor Relations