Jameson A Giamo


I work for Newport Vessels, where I provide world-class customer service.

I work daily in a start-up environment focused on the customer experience, increasing our efficiencies through Zend Desk macros, articles, and team processes.

Each day I strive to find something to improve our business. For example, I enjoy sending out email blasts with our VP of sales and helping our IT manager identify areas to improve our website.

I enjoy selling customers' products to fit their needs, providing additional technical resources, and troubleshooting as head of the warranty department.

A highlight of my day would be a customer telling me they got to spend more time with their family outdoors because of one of our products!

Every day my goal is to better myself and our team. When those around me succeed, we all succeed!

I bring passion, drive, and the pursuit of excellence with a fun, encouraging attitude.