Lorne Tafoya


Graduate of UNC specializing in the field of Graphic Design. Along with my degree, I have obtained a Certificate in Entrepreneurship. Within the Graphic Design field, I specialize in Branding, Layout Design, Web Design, some App Design, some UI & UX Design, as well as some Motion Graphic Design.

My time at UNC allowed for me to learn and develop the essentials to be a successful Graphic Designer as well as a Entrepreneur. Outside of school, I am currently working as a Graphic Design Intern at Elevate Advertising. This allows for me to run into adversity, experience of interacting with clients, see real world application of graphic design, and gain professional work experience. Having these experiences has helped me enhance skills such as communication, problem solving, listening, punctuality, as well as responsibility.

When I am presented a project, my initial reaction is to immediately start developing several different solutions for the project. This leads to me jotting down my thoughts and piecing together different ideas. From the start, I have a mindset of thinking outside the box but end up taking a more logical approach to these ideas to simplify my initial thoughts. I find that I work well when I think more so inside the box and develop the most efficient and effective solution. Through a series of trial and error, I continually go to my colleagues or superiors for critique and recommendations. This allows for me to see the project through a different perspective that I may have not seen.

Though my creative process, professional experiences, as well as my strive to become a better Graphic Designer, I believe I can be a great asset to any company.