Richard Slijk


• Specific experience in reversing non-performing operations, and restructuring marketing, sales and manufacturing units for the highest profitability levels.
• Over 20 years as an executive with experience in both domestic and expatriate positions, with specific experience in (AI) and C++ software marketing and sales.
• Successful in market penetration strategy and implementation with both domestic and foreign markets.
• Held P&L responsibility, opened new manufacturing and sales facilities and have directed start-ups.
• Strong analytical and leadership skills building a strong record of restructuring ineffective processes, cost containment with an eye to improve bottom-line results.
• Tested and talents in planning, administration, budgeting, forecasting, promotion, sales infrastructure, vendor management, and fiscal controls.
• A talent for encouraging creative excellence with an end to recruit, train and motivate employees.
• A seasoned competitor and effective negotiator; persuasive, enterprising and a builder.