Margaret Monroe


My past 20 years of experience and success indicates strengths in all areas of a customer service work environment, being focused on several duties at hand, playing leadership roles within the customer service centers, call centers, retail and sales.
I am a person with strong work ethic and I am able to handle any tasks set before me with confidence that I will succeed. My success is due to my positive attitude, flexibility and willingness to work with a variety of people in all situations.
I believe in the presenting the MAGIC experience to every customer. MAGIC: Make A Great Impression on the Customer. With that being said, Magic, makes is all happen! Giving a customer a great experience in any aspects will always put a great impression of you and what you represent. I have used MAGIC throughout my different aspects of customer service and I believe using the MAGIC thought process, leads to opening the doors for customers to come back and expect the exceptional customer service they have been given and will continue to be given with MAGIC.