Mark Howden


Hello and welcome to my page!

I am a highly energetic outdoor enthusiast with a passion for anything on two wheels and that provides us the ability to explore the beautiful outdoors. I am an avid mountain biker, love racing, and I'm a youth mountain bike coach for Sprockids San Diego. My personal mission is to extend the stoke to our youth, engage our communities, get more people outside, and help organizations realize their vision in delivering incredible products and services that aid in happy and healthy life styles.

My "Why?"
To mentor and lead others so that they feel empowered in finding their own true north.

How do I do it?

Program Management | Human Resources | Mountain Bike Instruction

I am a strategic partner and executive consultant with success in improving processes, developing talent, and implementing technology solutions. Background includes over 14 years of program management with a focus on developing cohesive and collaborative organizational cultures and cross-functional teams of various backgrounds and expertise. Distinguished career as a Naval Special Operations leader, Search and Rescue instructor, compliance specialist, and forger of highly capable teams.

Through years of employment, I have been the key leader who interacts with and builds relationships with our customer populations. I have developed programs from the ground up, implemented innovative solutions, and made sure the "voice of the customer" was heard while delivering services. I strive to give my best to customers and those I lead in order to best represent the values of our company, create a collaborative culture, and bring value to organization. I thrive in environments where I am challenged to solve problems and collaborate with diverse groups. I would be at my best if I could provide my expertise in the service of the outdoors community, action sports, and industries who seek to push the boundaries of what is possible.