Tyler Brower


A retired professional athlete now full-time digital content creator and manager looking for freelance or in-house opportunities.

Tyler is a very recently retired professional hockey player. He is a dual German/US citizen and has played in the professional ranks in Germany and North America. He is actively involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes hockey division (FCA Hockey) as well as a member of the world-renown organization, The Explorers Club.

In the off-seasons Tyler worked as a seasoned photographer with diverse outdoor experiences, brand representation, and content creation. Tyler has shot for companies, publications, and tourism boards ranging from National Geographic to Lululemon.

Tyler is a Hawaiian transplant that lives in Des Moines, Iowa with his wife. In the past, Tyler relocated seasonally to San Luis Obispo, California where he was a Studio Assistant for Chris Burkard.

Through his experiences, he has gained an in-depth understanding of the processes and expectations from marketing teams to create and capture the right content for their creative concepts, for all things marketing using photography, writing, and videography.

He has experience working closely with various outdoor brands and companies, environmental and non-profits, wildlife, and humanitarian organizations.

Additionally, Tyler is a hands-on product user well entrenched in the nuances of outdoor marketplaces, trends, and lifestyles.