Arul Leens


Explore and initiate new business opportunities through new correspondent tie ups.
Relationship Management with all existing Banks, Exchanges and MTO correspondents.
Custodian of all correspondents legal / procedural documentations and documents.
Liaise with local banks to facilitate all correspondents with documents such as bank guarantees, referral letters, financial stability letters etc.
Initiate re-negotiations on commission sharing with existing correspondents.
Responsible of all International correspondent’s touch point for staffing and all other business-related coordination.
Liaise and initiate country wide promotions and joint campaigns with correspondents.
Assist Treasury team and ensure that competitive rates are obtained from correspondents.
Coordinate on system APIs, with correspondents and ensure completion within timelines.
Coordinate with all concerned departments and launch new correspondent services.
Handle all escalated level tasks, with correspondents.
Conduct Annual KYC for all correspondents and ensure, compliance as guided by Qatar Central Bank.
Agreements vetting and negotiation on clauses to conclude for sign off.