Heather Baughman


I’m the Founder/ Creative Director at Rhys Atelier, I’m a multi-talented, self-directed creative professional with 5 years of design experience, specializing in textile and handbag design with a design focus on sustainability. I’m a self-starter, forever student and care deeply about people and our planet. I take pride in locally and ethically made products, with great concern for the hands that make them.

I’m a freelance textile designer for clothing, upholstery, and interiors. I compose innovative ideas combining trends with timeless design in cohesive colorways. I’m intuitive; I have a sixth sense when it comes to design, and a strong knowledge of construction, use of color, and marrying styles and textures.

Outdoors surrounded by mountain peaks and nature is where I find clarity. Heavy metal music, architecture, and street art invoke my creativity. When I’m not designing you can find me summiting mountains, headbanging, and dancing to anything with a beat. My favorite cocktail is fear accompanied by exhilaration. Also, everything in life is done best with a cup of coffee.

Portfolio: https://rhysdesigns.myportfolio.com
Rhys IG: @rhys_atelier