Amanda Neiman


Amanda hails from Los Angeles and is proud of her Southern California roots. She attended college at the University of Arizona and graduated with a double major in Classics and Art History and then moved to the UK and earned her Master's degree in Maritime Archaeology. After all that school she needed a break and joined the U.S. Peace Corps where she taught public health in a small village in Kenya for 2.5 years. After cramming in as much travel as humanly possible, Amanda settled into the outdoor industry and has been working as a professional guide since 2012. She enjoys almost anything outdoors and is an avid surfer, skier, backpacker, hiker and cyclist. Amanda brings her extensive life experiences with her on all her trips. The knowledge gained from living on three continents, and traveling to 28 countries makes for one phenomenal trip for her clients!

Amanda has been working in the outdoor industry full-time since 2012. She has worked as a solo tour guide, an operations manager for a guiding company and as a professional guide within a team. She has guided her clients from the glaciers of Alaska to the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and everything inbetween. She has a particular fondness for geology and because of this she has specialized in adventure guiding in the American Southwest. She has guided extensively in Grand Canyon National Park, taking clients both Rim-to-Rim and to the remote waterfalls of the Havasupai Reservation. She has guided trips from 3 days to 28 days, in 40 U.S. States, for backpackers, cyclists, campers and glampers.