Fabio Basile


I'm a well-rounded VFX ,3D, and motion graphic artist, with over a decade of relevant experience in a variety ofindustries, developing design concepts for commercial products, as well as marketing material that include 3Danimations, and high quality photorealistic stills for a variety of uses.

My current professional focus is in animation production, from 3D modeling/shading/animation, to final editingand SFX, where I have excelled in taking creative and visual lead. I have also been entrusted with product designtasks and visual concepts for a variety of products, from cosmetics to automotive.

I excel in complex hard surface modeling for design concept development, prototyping, and interactive media. Thisincludes the design of a wide variety of products and props, original and conceptual, such as:
- cosmetic compacts, cans and bottles
- electronic and mechanical devices
- vehicles complete with advanced animation rigs for doors, hatches, lights, and interior components
- accessories and consumer products
- product packaging designs

My 3D modeling skills also include advanced UDIM/tile-based UV mapping techniques, expertise in blendingmaterial shaders through UDIM masking, PBR painting, blend shapes, and advanced skeleton rigs for characteranimation as well as hard surface/mechanical characters and props, such as vehicles and industrial equipment.
I am also well versed in set, lighting and video framing within the context of motion graphics and animation, as wellas scripting, storyboarding, and previsualization (previs).

Some notable 3D animation, Motion Graphics and concept work includes co-branding collaborative projects withDisney/Marvel, Warner Bros, and Amazon Studios.

Upon request, I can provide also character references from my most recent/relevant workplaces.

Feel free to browse my portfolio: https://fabiobasile.myportfolio.com for more information on my present and past projects!