Fabio Basile


Fabio is an experienced VFX Artist with a focus on 3D visualization and animation, using advanced tools like Autodesk
Maya, Side FX Houdini, RedShift Renderer, Substance Painter, V-Ray, Arnold, and Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

From concept to inception, Fabio's process involves designing, and often re-creating, 3D hard-surface models of products
such as cosmetics, perfumes, accessories, furniture, electronics, appliances, and their respective retail packaging, from
real-life dimensions, in high, photo-realistic detail, so that the resulting 3D model can be used for multiple purposes,
such as print-quality 3D renderings, product shots for online retail, and technical schematics for manufacturers to build
physical prototypes, and for mass production.

Whether the final objective is concept development, production, or marketing, Fabio's ability to prioritize, and manage
tasks, as well as his intimate knowledge of hardware components and software tools, is crucial to setting realistic deadline
expectations, in light of a far more elaborate process of building, shading, rendering, and animating 3D models and
scenes, compared to 2D design and image editing tasks.

Aside from VFX design, Fabio's prior experiences include large format production design, graphic design, back-end and UI/
UX web development, and web administration.