Creative, team-player with extensive experience Consulting Small Business Owners, Scott has 27+ years of business experience. He can dig through large datasets and is comfortable analyzing the data to pinpoint challenges and provide guidance to implement a solution or new processes.

He has experience in a range of capacities within corporate finance. He has been responsible for the P&L management and reporting for various business groups. Prepared monthly management presentations and various ad hoc requests for Senior Leadership teams. He managed the annual budgeting process, quarterly forecasting of expenses and has worked closely with Engineering teams to reduce cost of goods. He managed the global annual capital budget for four+ years ($4-$10m annually) and drafted the annual capital budget.

Most recently, and for the past ten years, Scott has worked as a Business Operations Lead and Consultant. His clients have included small business owners, larger Corporate retailers, and Franchised automotive repair facilities. He has been hired to look at the finances and operational procedures and then implement changes to increase business and profitability. Essentially, these clients have said – “here is the company’s current operation/finances. Please understand it and tell me how to make it better”. For example, an overhaul of inventory management system, designed a sales plan to increase B2B accounts and provided business roadmaps for growing businesses using KPIs and Qtrly Budgets.

Scott believes that historical data builds a roadmap for future business.