Tana Blazek


Environmentally driven, and design focused.

I am a graphic design and environmental design graduate with my BFA from Champlain College and my MSE from Iowa State University. Upon graduating from ISU, I relocated to Colorado for an internship with Watson University in Boulder. Since completing my internship I accepted my current position as a graphic designer in the greater Denver area with a high end appliance showroom as their graphic designer and creative assistant.

I started in high school with a strong emphasis in graphic design and film and digital photography taking all AP classes for art and ranking a 4/5 and a 5/5 on my two portfolios. This love of art and creation led me to Champlain college in Burlington Vermont for graphic design. My emphasis for my undergrad delved into more technical aspect of design such as publication and package design.

My undergrad thesis in sustainable living with design prompted my new exploration into nature, sustainability, and environmental design. This interested pushed me to continue my educated in the field of environmental design and sustainability at Iowa state university. I finished my Masters degree with two complete thesis's, one in plastic hazard mitigation predominantly in the oceans and focusing on the beaches for the micro plastics with designed platforms, educational buildings, and a system to collect the waste and turn it back into energy.

While the second masters thesis was in interior design and how does one make a space "sustainable" and what elements are needed for such an implementation and the limits or impacts it then has on practical design.

Design Passions (Signage / Logo / Branding, product design, graphics and illustrations, publication design, and sustainability incorporated into everyday design)

Photography: Both digital and Print with experience with darkrooms.