Evandro Bispo


In LATAM Airlines group I worked in Tourism area, having contact with suppliers from many countries (since Germany to Canada, including South Africa). I've applied my English skills by oral and written comunications, as worked as Account Payable team, verifying each received invoice and analyzing some differences that would happen, sending by SAP all invoices to be paid by treasury (doing the follow up and sending the SWIFT when necessary).

In LATAM Airlines, we needed to build some reports for: inventory, payment dates for invoices, aging and others as requested by finance team.

Between 2006 -2014, I've worked 9 years in Auto Industry, building up the trucks of Mercedes-Benz in various areas.

Also, I had the opportunity to learn about Excellence in Operations, aplying Kanban, 5S, and some process tolls to develop the productivity of the company.