Ian Kose


Evo.com - Head Photographer

As head photographer I have experience in building out a functional multi-set photo studio, and photographing and sourcing imagery for all incoming product for web. I’m able to meet deadlines while working within a fast paced industry. I have experience in building out our in house photography workflow which includes maintaining a consistent visual standard for all photography used, onboarding and managing interns, maintaining expenses within budget, and collaborating to establish post-production standards. I regularly maintain client and vendor relationships regarding product photography, design, and marketing messaging. Responsible for attending marketing meetings to discuss company performance on a bi-weekly basis. Familiarized and discussed site analytics, e-commerce trends, social media performance, and collaborated with other members of the marketing team on upcoming projects. I was also responsible for photographing any events, maintaining equipment, and occasionally shooting national marketing campaigns for both web and print while collaborating with in house designers and other photographers on the team.

Started with evo as photography department intern. Duties as an intern included working within a small team retouching e-commerce product photos, organizing file structure, pulling a daily report containing data corresponding to inbound inventory, and acting as an assistant on set. After a 500 hour internship, I was asked to stay on full time.