Daria Alekhina


Hi! My name is Daria. I am a 27 y.o. motion designer/illustrator based in Carlsbad, CA, USA. I am more of a generalist designer who has experience working on different types of projects and is willing to explore even more. I would say my main focus is motion design and illustration and it is great when I have a chance to use these two skills together. I have 2 Associates degrees: first in illustration, second in graphic design, thus my desire to mix a little bit of art into design. I have experience doing short explainer videos, logo reveals, frame by frame animation in Photoshop and implementing it into a motion video; design stuff such as collateral, identity design, logo and icon design, sticker design, infographics (enjoy doing it a lot), know how to deal with typography and can do some lettering for logo or other forms of art.
I am available for relocation anywhere in the US if position is right, but remote or San Diego/LA areas are ok too.
Please see my portfolio here: https://www.dariaalekhina.com/