Matt Allen


As a graduate of California Polytechnic University my educational background has prepared me for pursuing a broad variety of careers. My entrepreneurial and business education from Cal Poly has provided me with the knowledge of how a business is run from the inside out. During my time in San Luis Obispo I served as a Seller Operator and Warehouse Associate at SLO Brewing Company. This opportunity provided me with the knowledge and experience of working within the supply chain and highlighted the importance of the relationship between production, financial obligation, and customer satisfaction. Similarly, in my ambassador role with Seager Co., I have learned the inside outs of e-commerce, and working within a retail environment that has grown from the ground up. As a member of the Seager team since its inception, I have assisted in sales meetings, partnership deals, events, marketing, travel and trade shows. I have also served as a the face of the brand in numerous guerrilla marketing campaigns, shooting content outdoors across greater California. In my time working with the Seager team I have honed my communication and teamwork skills and developed a deep understanding of the importance of networking. I consider my strong support system of one of my greatest accomplishments, comprised of entrepreneurs, creators, and adventure enthusiasts.
I am eager for the opportunity to grow and learn within a company that embodies similar values and passions to my own and allows me to expand on personal and professional skills. I embody the lessons that the adventure and travel lifestyle has taught me and hope to apply them to professional opportunities. I thrive in collaborative settings, contributing a contemporary and insightful vision along with an organized and thoughtful work ethic. I am flexible, organized, a team player, and pay meticulous  attention to detail. I would love the opportunity to personally introduce myself to share more about my  background and skills. If you would like to reach me, please feel free to contact me via email or phone at [email protected] & (858) 740-7825.