Md Rajib Bhuiyan


As laid out in Digital Marketing, such as social networking Marketing, Social Media Optimization (SMO), search engine optimization (SMM), Content Marketing, Content Creation, Content Management, E-Mail Marketing, such as raw action ads and paid marketing, are worked out very smoothly.

As a digital marketer, Md Rajib Bhuiyan is the one who has learned expertise from a beginner to advance. Much of the time, I've benefited from online and various educational institutions like BITM. Start learning from Search Engine Optimization novice to the heart, then step by step, learn digital marketing from a range of online platforms, including udemy, khan academy, etc.

His first job as an SEO Executive in Markaiid Digital Marketing Agency. I have carried out numerous practices such as
key link-building, off-page SEO, on-page SEO in this organization.

But time and tide wait for neither, move ahead, and luck collaborating with an international client as SEO Developer & Online Reputation Management (ORM).