Annabelle Lee


Dear Malakye Team,

I am over the moon for this opportunity to introduce myself to a dynamic fashion performance brand. I know that an integral part of the hiring process is finding individuals with not only the hard skills to execute and produce, but also melding positive personalities within an established team. With as much time and effort we invest in the workplace, it’s important that we love our work and the extended family we work with.

On a professional level, I bring to the table an innovative taste level of design skills; leading the product from start-to-finish with a hands-on disposition however small or substantial.

On an interpersonal level, I am highly adaptable with optimistic energy. I thirst for deep connections and find beauty in others, which has allowed me to make meaningful connections with colleagues everywhere I have laid my hat.

I sense that my skills, innate eye, industrious work mantra and positive personality would be an additive reinforcement to the already momentous speed of the Malakye brand.

Sincere regards,
Annabelle Lee