Rosa Elba Alcala


My professional activity has been developed in the Human Capital field working with most of the Big Four Consultant Firms. I have been involved in system implementation projects with a Change Management component (Training, Communication, Organization and Leadership). I also have developed and implemented Competency Models and realign the HR processes toward the Competency Model. I was the head responsible of the Human Capital area in a retail company and also I am the former Sr. Manager responsible of Organizational Development area and Organizational Design in a Telecommunication Company. Currently I had a career change within AT&T by becoming the CXE Manager of AT&T at Mexico City, changing the Human Resources activities for the B2B support activities, this has allow me to understand more about the importance of the Customer Experience, to introduce new methodologies such as Neuroscience and define a dashboard that shows the contribution of the CXE in the B2B Sale Process. My passion is to introduce innovation either in the processes or technology that provides better information to the decision makers at the right cost or investment. I will always see how can I improve the current way of doing things in order to make it better, easier and with better results.